Episode 006

Campervan clothing storage idea and organization hack


February 20th, 2021

6 mins 5 secs

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We're always challenged by storage in the campervan. This cool, simple storage hack gives you an easy, cheap way to keep clothing folded, clean and neatly tucked away.


Podcast Transcript: Campervan clothing storage idea and organization hack

Clothing storage can be a real challenge. It's especially challenging for those of us with small vans.

Even if your van does have room for a wardrobe and other clothing storage, this hack, this cool trick, might be valuable for you.

For example, for a kid who only rides with you part-time or a partner who only rides part-time or for seasonal clothing or extra clothes that you might only need for some trips.

Also this approach can be used for both clothing and shoes, though it works better for foldable items. And I wish I could give credit for this. I saw glimpse of it on a video somewhere and it stuck with me all this time and I've employed it in my van, but unfortunately I've searched for it and, and I have no idea where this came from.

So if you do know, shoot me an email at [email protected] and let me know.

So the trick is this: You get a hanging closet organizer. Otherwise known as hanging closet organizer shelves.

Basically, it's just a set of cloth shelves with a hook on the top or a place on the top for a closet rod, oftentimes with a Velcro closure on the top to hang it. And you fill that with your clothes, your neatly organized clothes, and then you store the whole thing, all stacked on itself in a plastic storage bin with a lid.

So. Basically the deeper your storage bin, the more clothes you can carry, but getting back to the minimalism thing, we don't need a lot of clothes to carry around in a van anyway. And if you do have a wardrobe, again, this is a great backup, and I suppose you could even do two of these.

Maybe the biggest challenge of it is that once you take the lid off and accordion the thing out of the bin is hanging it somewhere.

As long as you have some place to hang it, and I have a van with a very low roof and it still works great. I've got a hook installed in my roof and I can just take the lid off, pull out the shelves and hook it to the ceiling of the van and there's my whole wardrobe right in front of me.

It's really great. So how to make this work. You can look at the various available hanging closet organizer shelves on Amazon, or wherever online and get the measurements and then go find a plastic bin that will fit, either online or in person.

Ross dress for less, if you have that chain in your neighborhood, or you have access to that chain. They actually typically will have these hanging closet organizer shelves for around 10 bucks.

Or any discount home store like Marshals… And other than that home Depot carries them. They're common just about any home storage department in home stores.

And then finding a plastic bin, that has the same inside dimensions as the outside dimensions of the shelves is the trick, because you don’t want a bin that’s too big, or you'll waste space with extra footprint. T

So make sure that the shelves actually fit in the bin nicely. And again, the taller the bin, the more clothes you can fit in there. So what's beautiful about this is it keeps clothing out of the way.

So, you know clothing will be folded and put away, keeps clothes clean because of the locking or the tight fitting lid on the bin. So any dust or dirt in the van doesn't get in there.

The whole system keeps your clothes folded and organized. And another thing I love about this is. It's easy to pick up and move around.

You just grab the bin and you can move it to another part of the van if it's in the way, or you can put other stuff on top of it after you've dressed.

You can stack it on top of something else. It can be easily carried into a house or a motel. It can be easily carried into the laundromat or out into the campground or into a tent.

You can also move them easily into a roof top box or hitch receptacle box. I put mine oftentimes in my car top box because I just don't need my clothes inside the van all the time and that makes a big difference in my particular van.

So that's it. That's my hanging closet organizer shelves plus plastic storage bin with lid hack!

So let me know if you have any cool hacks for storing clothes. I'd love to hear about it. Shoot me an email to [email protected] or drop me a comment or use the contact form.

I'd love to hear from you.